Our Work

We've Got You Foundation is a not-for-profit that aims to explore and help solve the current issue of unmet health and transport needs, across the Fraser Coast.

Our concept helps people who have a special situation and need for urgent Medical-related Health Care and Transport, have Care Package or Transport Funding Approved, but could be waiting up to 12 months for their payments to start. We can also help people who have Medical Needs, but are unable to drive, or pay the Full Cost for trips to their appointments or need health care in the home.

Local health professionals have informed us there is unmet health and transport needs in an array of different health settings. We are working with the community to scope needs for community transport and health services in the Fraser Coast.

Our goals are to bridge the gap and provide safe and dignified

1. Transportation for individuals in need of medical treatments, regardless of their NDIS status, age (under 65 or 12 years old), or specific circumstances such as being a single mother undergoing minor surgery that restricts driving or being diagnosed with epilepsy.


2. Health care in the home for people with long or short term medical needs including but not limited to assistance after a hospital stay or illness.

As we plan our initiatives, we have taken into account the needs and concerns of the following stakeholders:

 – Anyone who falls outside of the funding criteria, and can’t afford or manage transport for themselves and may have conditions such as Cancer, Dialysis, Epilepsy etc.

 – Anyone under the age of 65, or who is a Self-Funded Retiree.

 – Healthcare Service Support clients.

 – Unmet Transport need from the NDIS & MyAgedCare Systems.


Currently our work is about scoping and mapping of health and transport service gaps on the Fraser Coast and we have a fund raising and event committee who are charged with generating funds to enable us to develop services.

Our five core values

- Trust

- Respect

- Accountability

- Integrity

- Teamwork